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Busted Gaffs

These Gaffs were designed with many experienced LBG Fisherman's input and are of the highest strength and quality for seriously big fish.
The base model is 7ft long and CNC machined from 6062 Aluminium with a 3mm wall thickness. The handles are knurled for excellent grip without adding weight. 
The joiners are CNC machined from 316 stainless steel and drilled from both ends for weight reduction. They feature a massive 19mm thread for strength with a lip to protect them from knocks on the rocks.
The hooks are made from 10mm Duplex stainless for optimum bend resistance and have a 120mm gape with a diamond point. They are tig welded into a joiner, which also screws into the handle.

Because this gaff is modular, you can fit as many pieces as you like. The option is 7ft long extensions and 3.5ft extensions (2.13meters and 1.06meters) The base model comes included with an end cap that unscrews and fits on your extensions as required.

7ft Gaff with 10mm Hook and Endcap $185.-  
7ft extension $65.-
3.5ft extension $55.-
Delivery Australia wide with Courier is $40.- (allow 1-2 weeks) or pickup from Heidelberg, Vic.
To order or for enquiries please email us:

There is also a large, knotless net available, to screw on instead of the gaff hook. Dimensions are approx. 630mm X 630mm. Constructed from stainless steel tubing, it's very strong and lightweight. Perfect for landbased fishing.
Large net $65.-


To order or for enquiries please email us:

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